The Shadows(2011)



类型: 惊悚恐怖西部冒险灾难




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电影 The Shadows 剧情介绍

After being ship-wrecked by a near fatal collision, five friends seek refuge on a remote island in a decaying old lighthouse. While settling into the eerie home for the night, strange noises and ghostly figures disrupt their efforts to communicate to the outside world in hopes of being rescued. Long suppressed secrets of lust, unrequited love and jealousy boil to the surface straining their friendships and marriages. An antique diary reveals a brutal and bloody past, explaining the supernatural events that prevent them from escaping the island's curse. A terrified young woman storms in with a frightening warning, "When Shadows take you, you never come back." Her claims are dismissed as hysteria, until a phantom's violent attack confirms their darkest fears. Now, they all must put aside their personal conflicts and band together to defend themselves against the onslaught of approaching shadowy demons.

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